Friday, May 14, 2010

The power of CI teens making a difference!!!

Be prepared to be amazed, humbled, and entertained.  Sometimes I get so focused on ALL we have to learn daily about audiograms, MAPings, speech, listening, auditory verbal therapy, ling sounds, trouble shooting CIs etc that it can be easy to forget that how Landri hears is a "lifetime commitment".  I get so focused on helping her meet our daily and monthly goals that it can be easy to think...once she is listening and speaking then...that's it!  I sort of forget that Landri will have a lifetime to educate people on how she is different/special :-) and that someday she will advocate for herself on issues that are important to her......likely hearing related and not!  Thank goodness for fabulous role models like the teens in this video.  Seriously!  It is amazing that just years ago CIs were thought to just help people hear a car coming to know to get out of the street or to hear a smoke alarm.  Now kids are singing, enjoying music, and changing perceptions.  Please take 5 minutes to watch the amazing work of these kids and spread the word!  Landri's future is bright!

Here's the video link!!
Amazing video of CI teens making a difference

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