Friday, July 9, 2010

LIttle bit of everything rolled into one post!

I had to open the post with this pic.  This is the result of one exhausted mommy after spending 6 hours at the University hospitals in appointments.  I was brain dead and gave Landri a marker and paper in her carseat....a couple minutes later I take a peek back and she had ripped out the felt part out of the marker and was applying it like is the result after I took the felt piece away for fear she would choke.
It has been forever since my last post!  I'll try to get semi caught up!  I can't belive we are already halfway into the summer!  I am loving the summer with the girls!  Halle has been busy with softball and cheer.....and had her 6th dance recital!  I need to get pics of recital up.  She did so great!  Dance comes easy for her so I rarely see her get nervous, but she was so cute and nervous this year!  She did Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Poms, and Father Daughter.....she did the worm in her Hip Hop dance.  Majorly cute if I do say myself.  However....this was the first year that Halle did all of her own outfit changes during recital and totally did it the whole day on her own.  I can't believe how fast she is growing up...sniff. We also went to the Justin Bieber concert....totally fun!  Halle rocked out and waited in line before and after the concer to try to get a glimpse of him.  Sooooo fun! She was totally in her element. She came home and made a list of the next 5 concerts that she wants to go to. 
Landri has been doing so good with speech!  She says quite a few words now.  I had this vision that I would be so good at documenting each word she says and when like some of my blog idols, but so far I have flunked at that.  She says mama, Halle, woof woof, cold, hi, bye, up, more, pop, bottle, baby, ball...there are quite a few more!  Her favorite word by far is Halle.....her BFF.  She understands more than I even know I'm sure of it!  OH!...and she "sings" Ring Around the Rosey.  Sooo cute! I keep meaning to get it on video.  She loves music!  She is such a little entertainer and so much fun!  I love getting to learn more about her and watch her personality grow.  I can't believe how far we have come......I finally feel like I'm getting to a point where I can "chill" a bit and take a deep deep breath and remember to enjoy every moment of her growing up without being obsessed with dr appts and major decisions.  However, as all my other CI mommy idols know you are ALWAYS working to help your child be the best little listener they can just starts to get a bit more "natural"....a way of life.  We did have a bump in the road with Landri's last mapping session. Landri started looking like she was in frozen in place with her eyes shut...when we put her right CI on even on volume 1 and sensitivity 0.  It freaked me out!  I now realize why we had some of the bumps in the CI journey early on that we practice my advocacy skills. I felt like I wasn't being taken very seriously with my concerns by our center at first, but finally feel like we were heard and they got her back in for another mapping session and now things seem to be back on track. yeah!  We also got another audiogram on Landri and she tested between 20-25 dbs which I think is fab.  She did so good in the booth this time!  We also got our rechargeable batteries from Cochlear!  They are awesome!  We have already tried them out at the indoor waterpark and they worked great!  I feel so lucky that Landri can hear while she plays in water!  We clipped the battery packs to the top of her shoulders since Landri uses the Lite Wear option.  She ran thru lots of spraying water and also waded in water right up to her shoulders and got them soaking wet actually.  They still work as good as new!  I can't really think of a water activity that she couldn't do with her CIs on at this age since she never puts her whole head under.  She splashes and dips her face in the water and gets her head soaked, but that all seems to be fine!  Woooo hoooo!  Here are some pics of the girls....enjoying the blessings of sisterhood.  Love my girls. :-)

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  1. Hello! We met some of your family tonight at Texas Roadhouse in Sioux Falls, SD. They saw our daughter Peyton and came over and spoke with us about CIs and how you have a daughter with CIs, and they directed us to your blog. We are from Rock Valley, IA, and our daughter Peyton, who turned one in March, received CIs simultaneously in December at 9 months of age. I am so interested in reading your posts so far and what programs you have Landri linked into. I would love to know more about those and any tips you can share with us. God's blessings to your family; it's so great to see how committed you are with the CIs!