Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Landri - 4 months of hearing!

Landri has been chatting up a storm!  I feel like we are finally starting to get in a groove with speech as we finally have a fab team in place!  Landri has 3 speech sessions a week between what she is offered thru the state and private speech services that we obtained via teletherapy (webcam sessions) and driving to the Quad Cities.  She says "hi" all the time now with purpose...very clearly!  She says "mom"...it's funny...it is rarely a "mama' just a clear, short "mom".  She has a lot of intonation in her voice which makes me happy!!  She makes several sounds for animals and vehicles. Receptively she is understanding more each day!  We are pumping language into her as much as we can and have committed to doing more singing and music play.  Boy...it is so wonderful to have her progressing, but seriously it is HARD work!  It is a HUGE commitment and overwhelming at times.  Of course, you never feel like you are doing enough therapy hours or tracking her progress well enough.  Every CI parent reading....take a second and give yourself a bit pat on the back!  I read on another blog recently that during the next 4 or 5 critical language years you have to let go of the fact that your house may be messier, you may not be at every social gathering with friends, your family may gain a few pounds from eating out so much.....but your deaf child will listen and speak!!!  We have started to condition Landri for her next soundbooth test. She holds a ring up to her ear and then when she hears the sound we have her put it on the peg.  It is seriously super cute to watch her hold that little ring next to her ear smiling and waiting for sound.  We also play music and dance then turn it off and "Listen...I don't hear anything...where did the sound go?".  :-)  Of course it is to Justin Bieber because Halle has Bieber Fever (tears in her eyes when we finally got thru to Ticketmaster for concert tix),  but that just makes our therapy unique to our fam. :-)  Landri hears just about everything I am sure of it! We met with her surgeon last week about completing her right ear....long story...stay tuned. Tentative surgery date to complete that ear is April 23rd. What a journey!  Here are some long over due pics!  As those of you that know me you won't be surprised...I was having a problem getting my pics to rotate so I was limited to those already right side up!  :-)  Will figure it out and get more pictures posted soon!


  1. That's some great language just four months post activation! Go Landri go! You are so right, the therapies can be quite overwhelming, but even more so, like you said, keeping up with everything at home and feeling like you are making a difference is just as overwhelming! I cried to my audi about it once, that I felt like I just couldn't keep up, and she reassured me that as long as I'm talking to him, he's getting it. and I've found that cleaning is a great language lesson all in itself. Aiden helps me sweep, feed the cats, throw out the trash and just loves it! YOur girls are too cute! Before you know it, Landri will be singing Justin songs with her big sister! Oh, and you've gotta get a picture of her "playing" the listening game ... such a milestone! Yay Landri!

  2. Wow, I hope you are taking a moment to pat yourself on the back as well! It sounds like Landri is doing great and that you are doing all you can (and more).

    I'd be interested in learning more about your teletherapy...can you email me if you have a minute to spare! misstrey28(at)yahoo(dot)com